Especially feared in swarms, given their habit of ramming absolutely everything that comes in their way. Scientists suspect a connection between their aggressive ramming behavior and the way their intelligence fades with age.


Good-natured, resolved, and self-sufficient guardians. They will camouflage themselves as stone in order to peacefully relax in the sun and rejuvenate their power reserves. They find it difficult to lift their heavily armored arms, which is why it usually just attacks with its head.


Foolhardy, stubborn, and determined. If it ever attaches to a trainer, it is unbelievably loyal. Alongside its soft fur, it's this loyalty that makes it one of the most treasured residents of any human city. It funnels frustration and aggression through its ridge into pure electricity, which it must discharge as soon as possible.


A mysterious beastie, whose spiritual intelligence far surpasses that of humans. It is believed that this intelligence is the source of its telekinetic abilities. Outside of battle they meditate often and engage in complex rituals, whose meaning and function surpass human understanding.


A real martial arts master can dish out just as much as he can take. The way beginners adore Elianmons makes experience trainers underestimate their abilities. In any case, it certainly can make its way through tough uphill battles thanks to its cool head, its decisiveness, and its courage.


An impressive Beastie, it follows storm clouds and is even said to be responsible for particularly violent lightning. In truth, its horn serves as a lightning rod, saving many Beasties and humans from worse.


Fireris has joints of iron, which form a robust exoskeleton over many points of the body. The source of its fire attacks and its unbending will is an inextinguishable fire that burns inside of its heart. The few but very intense relationships which it builds defend it with firm conviction.


Jumps quickly into deep connections with other beasties and people. This behavior has its roots in the hierarchy-free packs, which Forfost create in the wild. Working at the same level as beastie trainers and other beasties is not only natural for Forfost, but it's essential to their well-being.


Good-natured Beasties living in herds. Wander from place to place in search of new feeding grounds, usually near humans. If either themselves or a herd member is threatened, these dear giants turn into a stomping menace. Watch out for the long tail!


Aggressive and highly territorial Beastie. With its armoured horn, it fights over territory against other Beasties. If you defeat it in a fair duel, it will consider you its equal and allow you to enter its den, only to demand revenge after a short time.


A huge Beastie with impressive power. If you meet Hohrwar in the open sea, it can be dangerous. This beastie cannot resist ramming ships to test its strength. However, it is also said that there have been cases where it has saved the life of a person in distress at sea.


Jellpike is small and shy but also a master of self-defense. The tips of their soft, arrow-shaped arms have countless, pore-like openings, which can shoot out water at extremely high pressures and make it quite a dangerous weapon. Outside of battle, they use this ability in order to propel themselves forward.


Tall, good-natured and reclusive, they like to move through the depths of the sea and explore its shores. To them belong a mystical control over water itself.


Underestimated by its opponents, Krioge is considered easy prey. When it feels threatened, its skin hardens and the crystals on its body serve as natural armour. This allows it to withstand any danger. Once befriended it is a loyal companion through thick and thin.


Looking more dangerous than it really is, its appearance keeps danger at bay. This Beastie is rather shy and hides in the tall grass, but rushes to help if it sees someone in need and heals them with the soothing pollen from the bud on its tail.


These Beasties are playful, nimble and elegant to watch in the water. They travel in large schools and chase bubbles to play. Some nights they come ashore and sing in mysterious tones, to inexperienced people it sounds like siren song.


Royal, mystical and mysterious. It is said to appear only to those it deems worthy of battle. Its body is so hot that it blazes blue in some parts. It is believed that this beastie has the ability to resurrect. However, there is no proof of this.


Due to its affinity to fire, it can easily live in very hot environments, often Phykitt can be found playing in lava. It does not understand that fire is dangerous for other Beasties and humans and throws fireballs at others as an invitation to play. When it is happy, the crystal on its forehead glows.


A skilled craftsman and collector. Maintains close trade relations with other Beasties and sometimes humans, who supply the Beastie with rare berries and plants. His homemade blowgun is used for protection and can disable almost any opponent.


Powerful, wise, and somewhat vain: common words used to describe Senkong. All these things are true, however, don't overlook how much it loves justice and peace. Eyewitnesses tell how it is able to mediate conflict between beasties without letting out a single burst of fire.


This beastie looks innocent, but its temperament combined with its electrical abilities should not be underestimated. If it feels cornered or uncomfortable, it discharges its electrical voltage. When it is happy, it likes to peck others around it with little electric shocks


A mysterious Beastie that learns the skills of the first Beastie it encounters. It is often found near ponds, where it likes to play tricks on unsuspecting wanderers. Some say that where a Slomslu lives, there is always a treasure to be found.


A small, trusting, and insatiable Beastie. His thick yellow fur protects him from snow and rain, and he hides his big mouth under his fur. Snohoo makes friends with anyone who can provide him with all kinds of treats.


Many legends have their root in the moving, fluorescent Towcrab herds, which scamper around at night. During the day, these Towcrabs normally hide themselves under their robust armer and are happy to be mistaken for flowers.


A loyal beastie, who is only rarely seen in human settlements because of its electric charge that causes spontaneous electric discharge. Trainers who are equipped to deal, or who can just handle the shock, can find Zapster to be a loving and playful beastie without comparison.