We make Cozy & Family Friendly Games!

Inspired by Nintendo® we offer cross platform entertainment for all people of all ages. To us, proactive and transparent communication with our community is a crucial and indispensable part of our work. 

We are a "User Centered Company"!

A selection of our Games

Spells & Secrets

“Spells & Secrets” is a 3D action adventure game with puzzle mechanics and procedural elements that offers a magical sandbox for you to explore. Get ready to discover a wide range of unique spells, powerful artifacts and useful potions

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Solarpunk is a survival game in a technically advanced world of floating islands. Alone or together with your friends, you can construct buildings, grow food, craft gadgets and hop on your airship to explore distant islands in the sky.

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Lou's Lagoon

A cosy open world adventure about running a seaplane delivery service. Customise your character, discover new islands, harvest goods, solve a family mystery, and work to keep an adorable island community afloat.

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Super Dungeon Maker

SDM is a creative 2D pixel art dungeon editor inspired by the best 2D adventure games in the world. Choose how many levels, boss fights, items and hidden objects you want. Challenge your friends and the community to master your dungeon!

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