Developer: TinyRoar

Release Date: Full release 2025

Plattforms: Steam (PC), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation

Regular Price: tba

Description for Lou's Lagoon

Traverse the vibrant Limbo Archipelago in search of your Uncle Lou, who mysteriously disappeared and left you his seaplane delivery service. Explore the islands, harvest resources, and hone your crafting skills to complete jobs and grow your business!



"Your Uncle Lou has disappeared and left his seaplane delivery service in your hands, so now it’s up to you to keep the business afloat – and discover what happened to him!

With your trusty vacuum (aka The Swirler 2000) by your side, explore the diverse islands of the Limbo Archipelago, collecting and harvesting resources, and crafting valuable goods to deliver to your customers in your faithful seaplane.

Your seaplane is your key to the islands of Limbo, and can be upgraded and expanded as the success of your delivery venture grows. There are also minigames designed to test your mettle - from races to obstacle courses, and more!

Keep your eyes open - secrets lurk in the corners of every island. Be vigilant, and you're sure to unearth unexpected treasures... and discover clues to the whereabouts of your wacky uncle Lou."

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