We don't like bugs, but unfortunately one slips through our fingers every now and then, so here you get the opportunity to report us a bug so we can remove it. Win/Win! 

Super Dungeon Maker FAQ & How To

Bug/Feedback submission: 

1. You can submit a bug directly while in the game by pressing the little bug icon in the pause menu. 

2. You can also submit bug reports via our online bug form. 

User-created sprites

The problem with sharable user-created sprites is that they would require heavy moderation from our side due to potential copyright issues. And we don't feel that a sprite editor without a sharing option would be a reasonable use of our dev resources as it is not an easy or quick feature to implement 

Triggers - why your trigger creation might have an issue

Nintendo Switch - I have issues uploading my dungeon

It may be that you will still have issues here. Always make sure to play, finish and save your own creation before trying to upload
1. If you have several accounts on your Nintendo Switch please make sure that your main account accepts the term & services of mod.io before uploading.
2. Save, restart your game, and hit upload!

Is it possible to link to Nintendo Switch profile names or a creator code that can then be searched for?

You can link to a profile using the mod.io page like this: Example
We've considered adding a user search inside the game, but it's not at the top of our priorities currently. Maybe we can improve the issue of the generic names in the future. 

Can I place the dungeon entrance on another floor? 

No, this is not possible. 

Will there be mod support? 

We don´t plan to offer any official mod support right now. 

Is there a way to rotate objects in build mode? 

No. Objects can not be rotated. 

Can I place the golden egg on another floor? 

No, this is currently not possible but we want to change this in the future. 

Can enemies drop items/objects? 

No. Right now enemies can't drop items like hearts/keys but we want to add this feature in the future. 

Can enemies trigger switches? 

No. Right now enemies and traps can't do this but we are heavily considering adding this feature. 

How do the compass and map work? 

The map shows you the whole dungeon and the rooms you have visited/not visited yet. The compass shows you treasure chests, and you get an audio cue when entering a room with a hidden key

Can I use different settings in one dungeon? 

Sadly you can not - but we want to make it possible to use different settings for different floors. 

Is there multiplayer/coop mode? 

Unfortunately no, we are sorry! It's also not planned to implement a multiplayer or coop mode. 

Will my dungeons also be available on Steam when I build them on the Switch (or vice versa)? 

Yes! Your dungeons will be available on both platforms - regardless of where you build them. You are also able to play all dungeons!

How can I change my dungeon thumbnail? 

You can do this locally on your pc by changing the file or via mod.io. 

Here is a nice video showing the process: Hint - the thumbnail used is the screen displayed when you hit the save button while building!
You´ll find a "How-To" video here

How large can I go when building my dungeon? 

Right now there is no restriction regarding the size of a dungeon. BUT, Dungeons get super laggy when you build a very, very large single room. Also there might occur a bug with stairs which forces you to go back up/down. This is not happening when building smaller but more rooms. So build your large dungeon with caution :) 

Will there be another playable character? 

YES! Thanks to your support on Kickstarter you unlocked a character skin! It's not yet available because we must implement it first. 

How will this character look like? 

We don't know yet - since we first must do some concepts for it! The discord community will then be able to vote for a design! 

Will there be 2D side-scroller sections like in Link’s Awakening? 

This is not planned since this requires a whole lot of new sprites and code structures. 

Can we have a small, green-clad, blonde dude to slash at? 

We will take a look into this... 

Why a chicken? 

When we were thinking about the setting of SDM we were thinking about what kinda reason there would be for someone to build a dungeon. So we thought wait - birds are pretty sick builders in RL - just look at some nest constructions they manage. This was kinda the spark that set everything in motion :'D In the SDM world birds have evolved so far to build dungeons to protect their precious eggs... And chickens... Have become kinda the handyman-birds of this world. Not known for building the best or most innovative nests themselves they began to educate themselves in the art of dungeon building to build the best and most difficult dungeons to protect their eggs. Therefore they are able to build very different dungeons in very different settings! Chickens are very versatile! (some ppl say their ancestors have also built dungeons for other evil overlords as trials for some heroes to overcome). Also, it's absolutely not a homage to Cuckoos. 

How do bosses work? 

Each boss consists of three phases that activate depending on the bosses remaining health points. Whenever a new phase starts you can trigger different events (e.g. spawning more enemies, opening a door, …) using our trigger channel system.

Can I rebind the keyboard inputs? 

Since release, you can do that on Steam!

How can I copy/paste rooms/objects? 

That is not possible right now - but we might add it in the future. 

I used the fill tool and now there are invisible walls and broken textures?! 

Yes - this is a known bug. Sadly the fill tool is bugged right now and we recommend using it carefully. 

What button do I use the feather item with?

It's supposed to be the "SHIFT"-key :) 

What button do I change object- and floormode with? 

That's the "TAB"-key! 

Can I change the health of Fink for the dungeon? 

Right now it's not possible - but again we might add it in the future. 

Will there be more collectibles? 

Yes! There will be more stuff to collect during your time in a dungeon. 

I got XYZ-bugs and ideas when will you finally fix or implement these?! 

We are working hard on fixing severe bugs and we value your feedback and your ideas. But we're still only a two-person team so please understand that not everything can be fixed or implemented right away. But we do read everything and are very grateful for your feedback!! 

Are there tutorials? 

When you enter the sandbox there is a dungeon where the basics of building a dungeon are explained to you. Also, there are some tutorials from our user Download on Youtube.

What about a story - complete single-player mode? 

We focus on the editor and on providing you with easily accessible mechanics to encourage creativity. We have a few ideas for this but we don’t want to make any promises yet. 

Is there a demo? 

Yes, there is a free demo on Steam & itch.io: 

Which platforms will be supported? 

Steam( PC/Windows), Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch 

Will the platforms have the same content?

Yes, everything, this means stretch goals we reach during the Kickstarter will also be for the Steam community available! The only difference will be Kickstarter-exclusive stuff. 

Where to find the save files: 

Each local dungeon consists of two separate files: 

Both files can be found in the same directory: 

WINDOWS: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\FIRECHICK\SuperDungeonMaker\LocalDungeons\ 

MAC:~/Library/Application Support/FIRECHICK/SuperDungeonMaker/LocalDungeons/ 

The files have the same name with the dungeon having the suffix "_dungeon.dgn" and the screenshot "_preview.png".