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📅 Release Date: November 9, 2023
🛒 Plattforms: Steam (PC), Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5
🌍 Languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish - Spain
👫 Player: Singleplayer, local Co-op mode
💰 Regular Price: 24,99 USD for PC / 29,99 USD for Console
📋 Rating: ESRB 10+, Pegi 7, USK 6

🔧 Developer: Alchemist Interactive
🏢 Publisher Console: Merge-Games
🖱️ Responsible for porting: Merge-Games
💻 Publisher PC: rokaplay



⚠️ For PC/Steam co-op, two controllers are required. ⚠️

The Story of Spells & Secrets

In Spells & Secrets, you are a first-year student of the magic arts, arriving at the Academy of Greifenstein. Set in a world and time like ours, you are excited to live and learn together with your fellow students and professors at the impressive magical castle.

A strange incident on your first day throws the school into turmoil. It’s up to you to save the ever-changing castle and rescue your lost schoolmates. Use your spells creatively to fight off magical creatures, explore the school grounds and uncover the castle’s secrets to reveal the mystery surrounding it. 

About Spells & Secrets

Spells & Secrets is a deep and motivating rogue-lite experience that invites everyone to this rewarding genre with its adventure story.

Free the wizard Academy of Greifenstein from magical creatures by using your spells in creative ways. Play in local co-op with your friends or family, customize your own character, solve mysteries and find powerful artifacts in this modern magical world.

Use spells in creative way!

Players have the freedom to use spells on any target, including enemies, bosses, and even the environment.

Exploiting an enemy makes them vulnerable for a short time, allowing players to strike decisively. 

Spells & Artifacts

There are 21 spells and 100+ enhancing artifacts available. Spells can be learned in the schoolyard, and artifacts are discovered during runs. If the player is defeated, they lose all collected artifacts.

Artifact example:  The artifact Fly Swatter paired with the Spell Levitate lets players smash foes/objects to the ground. 

Huge character editor

Begin your journey by creating your very own magic student. Style and dress them to your own liking. And if you ever feel like a change, simply approach the mirror in the hub to tweak your appearance. 

Student faction

Each faction brings its own special magic tricks. By making friends with these groups, you can learn their spells and even get more clothing options for your character.

You do not have to choose a faction!

Example: Team up with Greenguard. As you progress in the game, Greenguard Noelle will teach you a spell called 'Partner'. With it, you can tame enemies who will then fight with you

Optional Puzzles/Secrets

There are over 40 optional puzzles / secrets. If you solve one, you get artefacts, experience or gold. Many puzzles can only be solved with a certain spell, which you can learn later in the game.

Local Co-op

Play the game with your brother, partner, children or friend in local co-op. Visit the Fireblades faction for intense magical duels and local co-op PvP with friends. 

⚠️ For PC/Steam co-op, two controllers are required. ⚠️

*Steam users can invite friends via Steam Remote, then two people can play the game over the internet without the second person having to have bought the game.

Keyart and Illustrations

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Game & Company Logos


Trailer & clips in high quality!

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Spells & Secrets - Release date announcement (Download in HQ)


Spells & Secrets - About Lore & Combat (Download in HQ)


Spells & Secrets - CEO/Dev Interview

Spells & Secrets - Live Concert